NetDataVault IDC and Cloud Services today (14 February 2016) announced that it has partnered Conversant Solutions in order to improve end user experience and quality of service to penetrate markets across the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Middle East & African region. The two companies aim to do so by offering joint solutions comprising NDV CloudFactory’s cloud computing resources and Conversant SwiftServe CDN (content delivery network) services to regional customers in India, SEA and MEA According to a joint press statement, this partnership is instrumental in reducing both NDV CloudFactory’s and Conversant’s overall cost of adding network capacity to support increased network demands from customers. With this partnership, both companies can provide their customers with the capacity and agility required to handle large online events across the region. “OTT video service providers, e-commerce customers and startup companies are increasingly seeing the ability to provide their subscribers with a high-quality experience on multiple devices, anywhere as a core business requirement,” said Alfred Goh, VP of International Business at Conversant. “We are experiencing a paradigm shift in customer requirements. All our customers are demanding an end-to-end suite of services that include CDN, Digital Media Platforms and Cloud Computing resources. With an increase in on demand and highly scalable resource requirement from our customers, partnering with Conversant Solutions enables us to fulfill the business requirements of our customers,” said Pradyumn Jain, Chairman of NDV