Virtual Private Cloud


Virtual Private Cloud popularly known as Data Center-in-a-Data Center offers the best of both worlds, a distinctive combination of Public Cloud style elasticity and agility and Private Cloud style isolation and security. Whether you are looking for a single server or thousands of servers, NDV has a solution for your diverse workloads and offers better economics without any compromises coupled with enhanced cyber security.

Public Cloud Scalability and Private Cloud Security

When you chose the Data Center-in-a-Data Center option from NDV, you get the best of both worlds. NDV not only makes it easy for you to scale your resources within your virtual private cloud but also your entire Virtual private cloud instantly and on the fly.

Infrastructure and Hypervisor Ready

NDV’s Virtual Private Cloud has the high availability infrastructure and hypervisor of your choice ready for Enterprises and Reseller partners enabling them to offer an instant deployment model to end users without the requirement of hardware deployment and hypervisor management.

Flexible Infrastructure Components

Completely flexible with the ability to allocate additional units of compute, memory, and storage to your virtual private cloud and then dividing the resources between your virtual machines, maximizing resource utilization across all virtual machines instances.

Be in the driver’s seat with an easy to use Management Console

Manage all your services from the Accomplish One portal to check server usage, scale up compute and disk resources, view and pay invoice, one-click reboot, rebuild virtual machines, and much more.

Private Network Enabled


Private vLAN setup available for complex models to combine the public cloud flexibility and private network security.

How it works

Your Virtual Private Cloud in Action

The NDV Virtual Private Cloud brings together the complexity and security benefits of a private cloud, combining it with the scalability and reliability of our enterprise grade public cloud infrastructure. Virtual Private clouds can use either our private or public networks.

NDV Enterprise Grade CloudFactory

Designed to meet the demands of large-scale, performance-intensive workloads, NDV’s CloudFactory is built on massively scalable, high-performance cloud infrastructure, powered by HP’s CloudSystem.

Your Virtual Private Cloud Infrastructure

Your Data center –in-a- Data Center or virtual private cloud is a secure and isolated cloud infrastructure that resides with our enterprise grade cloud factory.

Your Virtual Machine Instances

Your virtual private cloud consists of vApp containers for virtual machines that offers resource controls and management for the virtual machines that are inside. The containers resemble a portable, self-contained box that holds all your virtual machines that make up a multi-tiered application, including all custom network configurations.

Get Started

Choose from any of our reserved capacity packages or contact sales for a custom package based on requirements


  • 16 vCPU
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 1 TB Cloud Storage
  • 5 IP Addresses
  • 10 VM


  • 24 vCPU
  • 128 GB RAM
  • 2 TB Cloud Storage
  • 10 IP Addresses
  • 20 VM


  • 36 vCPU
  • 256 GB RAM
  • 3 TB Cloud Storage
  • 15 IP Addresses
  • 30 VM

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