Backup as a Service


NDV offers a comprehensive and powerful backup-as-a-service solution in partnership with Veeam. The Veeam cloud connect makes it easy for Veeam customers to extend their backup infrastructure to the cloud while enabling NDV to offer hosted backup repositories and complete back-up solutions.

Don’t have a secondary site for backups? Tired of rotating tapes?

NDV BUaaS is the perfect solution for you. A completely managed service that utilises the NDV Enterprise Grade CloudFactory for backing up your data is a perfect alternative to creating your own offsite storage infrastructure. The service further frees you from the cumbersome process of managing tape rotations and other removable media, making the BUaaS a compelling option.

Instant Access to your Remote Backup

Unlike most hyperscale BUaaS providers that use low grade consumer-class storage, NDV uses Enterprise Grade Storage solutions from HP and EMC promising hundreds and thousands of IOPS, guaranteeing never having to wait for your backups to thaw. This is further complimented by our Enterprise production and Juniper powered network.

Protect your Veeam Backups – Fast, Easy and Affordable

Our Partnership with Veeam helps you avoid the risk of catastrophic data loss without the upfront investment in a second site. With NDVs BUaaS you can now get your backups off site to our cloud repository through an SSL connection and cloud gateway, without the need for any VPN tunnels. Get Complete Visibility and Control – Manage backups in your current Veeam portal, access and recover data hosted on our cloud directly from the Backup console, without the need for any new software installation. All this with an instant deployment under 10 minuets!

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