Virtual Machines


Virtual Machines are similar in capabilities to dedicated servers with the added advantage of flexibility and limitless elasticity. Unlike dedicated servers, virtual machines can be resized and allow autoscaling, on-demand and pay per use basis without any service interruption. Additionally, virtual machines offer enhanced resilience against failures and downtime, making them a hot favourite among small and large enterprises alike.

High Degree of Flexibility, Scalability and Elasticity

Designed to meet the demands of large-scale, performance-intensive workloads, NDV Virtual Machines are built on massively scalable, high-performance cloud infrastructure, powered by HP’s CloudSystem. NDV Virtual Machine offerings are available in both pre configured Reserved Capacity Packages and Custom Configurations. The Custom Configuration offering allows you to customize and size every aspect of your machine including upgrading / downgrading resource allocations, operating system selection, connectivity, managed services and many more. The self service client portal allows you to change the configurations at any time.

True Pay-per-Use

NDV Offers flexible billing options allowing you to choose from an hourly, resource-based billing, such that you only pay for the computing resources that you actually use, or pay monthly/quarterly for more consistent workloads. NDV also allows you to scale resources up and down in a moment’s notice to manage spikes and change in application usage patterns, further containing costs.

Provision infrastructure and applications in minutes

Built on proven HP Converged Infrastructure technologies, such as HP BladeSystem, Matrix Operating Environment and Cloud Service Automation, the NDV Cloud allows you to spin virtual machines in less than 5 Minutes!

Complete Control Anytime, Anywhere

NDV’s Industry leading Self-Service Client Portal – AccomplishOne, allows you to manage every aspect of your virtual machine from any device at anytime. Alternatively just contact your dedicated support team which is available when you need them and take advantage of our uncompromising support.

Consistent and Integrated Security

The NDV cloud platform provides a consistent, integrated, and configurable security management framework, utilizing security mechanisms in individual components and security services across the integrated solution. NDV’s security mechanisms include identification and authentication, access control, authorization and auditing, and use of secure communication protocols. Additional security features such as DDoS mitigation and anti-virus protection can be opted for as per requirement.

How it works

Deploying your virtual machines is now just a click away. Select from one of our reserved capacity virtual private server (VPS) instances or custom configure.

NDV’s Enterprise Grade CloudFactory – The NDV CloudFactory is built on proven HP Converged Infrastructure technologies that help you realize the full value of cloud computing without any limitation on scalability and availability.Your Virtual Machine – Virtual Machines imitate dedicated hardware, albeit can scale in a jiffy and can be provisioned in minutes. The NDV Cloudfactory provides multi-tenancy to help you share IT resources securely among separate tenants by creating a virtualized instance of the converged infrastructure.

Unlimited Elasticity – The NDV CloudFactory allows enterprises to access additional resources on an as-needed and pay-per-use basis.

Reserved Capacity Packages (VPS)

Per Month
₹450/month for 3 years
1 vCPU
200 GB Bandwidth/Mo.
1 Dedicated IP
Centos / Ubuntu
Per Month
₹950/month for 3 years
2 vCPU
300 GB Bandwidth/Mo.
1 Dedicated IP
Centos / Ubuntu
Per Month
₹1500/month for 3 years
3 vCPU
500 GB Bandwidth/Mo.
1 Dedicated IP
Centos / Ubuntu
Per Month
₹1900/month for 3 years
4 vCPU
120 GB SSD
750 GB Bandwidth/Mo.
1 Dedicated IP
Centos / Ubuntu

Use cases

Below you will find popular deployment options some of our customers are utilizing our virtual machines for. Reserved Capacity packages are used in Test and development, Low- to medium-traffic web servers, Batch processing, Network appliances, Small to medium databases, etc. Custom Configuration Virtual Machines are used in medium to large- scale web servers, application servers, batch processing, large-scale online transaction processing, relational databases and network appliances.

Enterprise Applications like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management) collectively facilitate the construction and maintenance of information and offer a host of advantages over traditional approaches. These applications, coupled with the capabilities of the NDV Enterprise Grade CloudFactory can be instantly deployed minimizing time to market and offer huge savings on IT infrastructure and management cost, anytime, anywhere availability and greater collaboration.

Core Banking and Multi Level Marketing applications help blend the Core Front-Office, Mid-Office, Back-Office and Treasury. They are well suited to meet the needs of banking enterprises from the perspective of functionality, architecture, deployment as well as maintenance. These applications coupled with the capabilities of the NDV Enterprise Grade CloudFactory can be instantly deployed minimizing time to market and offer huge savings on IT infrastructure and management cost, anytime, anywhere availability, Per Branch costing and limitless scalability.

Value Added Services providers in the telecom space and a multitude of software development enterprises rely daily on NDV’s enterprise grade CloudFactory to rapidly spin up new test and development environments, scale resources on the fly and tear down virtual machines based on business demands. All this agility without the heavy cost of investing in new hardware and on a true pay per use model.

Limitless elasticity and near zero downtime achieved due to the unique failover and High Availability architecture of the NDV Enterprise Grade Cloud Factory, make it an ideal choice for E-commerce solutions that benefit from the speed to market, reduced IT infrastructure and management cost, autoscaling to manage spikes and change in application usage patterns, etc.

You need an all-encompassing, blazing-fast cloud platform like the NDV CloudFactory to support SaaS applications allowing for rapid resource scalability and handling intense resource workloads to manage spikes and change in application usage patterns. Thus removing complexity of the IT environment.

Disaster readiness and Business Continuity on the Cloud benefits from faster implementation, high scalability and availability, without the requirement of specialised skills.

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