Dedicated Private Cloud


Our expertly architected and managed dedicated private cloud offering is engineered from the ground up to meet your critical business requirements. Purpose-built single-tenant environment guarantees a private computing environment, yet functions like a public cloud giving you the high performance of dedicated servers and agility of the cloud, albeit at a predictable cost.

Custom Designed and Managed Enterprise Grade Dedicated Private Cloud Environment

Our Trusted Cloud Consultants with expertise in VM Ware and HyperV work with you to architect, build, deploy and manage your private cloud environment to meet your business requirements in totality. Each Private cloud is purpose built and gives you the flexibility to opt for hardware from one of our partners or utilize your own existing hardware maximizing your return on investment. We don’t want you to waste your resources. Bring your own servers and or storage and we will incorporate them into your private cloud filling in any gaps with new hardware that is owned by us. You benefit from:

  • Increased resource efficiency
  • Get a Better ROI for your investments
  • Reduce migration related risk
  • Reduce cost of ownership

Get the Best Bang for your Buck

With a managed private cloud hosting you will know exactly how much it will cost every month, regardless of the number of virtual instances that are deployed within your private cloud. This gives you the flexibility to deploy unlimited virtual instances on your private cloud without paying any cost per instance. This also enables more efficient resource utilization reducing your overall cost per compute cycle.

Say Good bye to backlog IT

Private cloud deployments happen over days and not months as opposed to doing it yourself in house. Hosted from our secure Tier-3 Data Center facility, availability and security is the least of your worries. Our private cloud offering frees your IT team to focus on growing your business while still being in control.

Highly Secure and Compliance Ready

Our Data Center sites are highly secure conforming to the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard. Private cloud security starts with the physical security of your environment and encompasses all layers of the logical architecture. We also offer a wide range of tailored solutions for organizations requiring HIPAA and PCI Compliance.

How it works

Your Dedicated Private Cloud in Action

Within your custom architected dedicated private cloud, you don’t have to worry about shared compute or storage resources nor about intermingling of your data with other users. None of your computing resources can be stolen by rogue applications on neighbouring virtual machines. This adds an additional layer of security and protection to your cloud environment.

Dedicated Private Network

Custom out of band network offers added security and remote access for offline administration

Your Very Own Cloud

It’s all yours. Your dedicated private cloud means an isolated and secure environment comprising dedicated hardware running a hypervisor of your choice, while maintaining public cloud like flexibility, agility and economics.

Your Virtual Machine Instances

Your private cloud consists of vApp containers for virtual machines that offers resource controls and management for the virtual machines that are inside. The containers resemble a portable, self-contained box that holds all your virtual machines that make up a multi-tiered application, including all custom network configurations.

Bring Your Own Hardware

You are not forced to choose between your existing IT assets and the assets that come with a hosted private cloud offering. NDV understands that you don’t want to forgo your investment in existing IT assets while adopting the Cloud. NDV allows you to deploy existing, owned, hardware inside your managed private cloud getting you a much better ROI for your investment.

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