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Scale your computing power

SimpliCompute is a cloud web service allows you to create virtual machines in the cloud easily and instantly. Architected to make elastic cloud computing easier for enterprises, SimpliCompute’s interface allows you to provision a wide range of virtual machines to grow your application to large scale.

Unlike other cloud platforms, SimpliCompute allows you to scale your cloud infrastructure in ways that suit your requirements best – the platform allows you to not just scale out, but to scale up as well, but adding more processors and RAM to existing virtual machines. The platform supports over 1500 unique VM sizing configurations, each with multiple OS and DB options to support multiple workloads and use cases.

Rapidly and easily deploy virtual machines on-demand.

Deploy from predefined or custom images

Skip lengthy installation processes and deploy infrastructure rapidly using our image libraries, or upload and deploy your own images.

Choose & customize your VM sizes

Choose a base VM plan, and then customize the CPU, RAM and disk to get the exact configuration you need with no resource wastage.

Deploy across multiple availability zones

Choose the zone that’s nearest to your users, for the best possible performance.

Consistent & seamless

NetDataVault’s Private Cloud service can be seamlessly integrated into your existing on-premise environment as well as a third-party cloud solutions from major cloud service providers.

Choose your load balancing & autoscaling

Choose the load-balancing and autoscaling options that best suit your application requirements.

Govern your usage and costs with automation

SimpliCompute’s policy-based governance tools allow you to automate your cloud usage and deployments, ensuring that you always get the best possible cloud performance at the lowest possible costs.

Key features

REST-based APIs

An API ecosystem that allows you to manage your infrastructure through your applications

Consumption-based billing

A consumptive, pay-as-you-go model ensures cost efficiencies as you only pay for the resources you provision in real-time

Cutting-edge technology from leading OEMs

Deploy cloud network appliances from leading technology manufacturers – choose from a wide array of both virtual & physical appliances

Policy-based governance

Policy based governance allows automated management of your cloud. Define rules for automated resource management, allowing you to pay for only what is consumed.

Scale as per your workload requirements

Minimize costs and increase efficiencies by scaling virtual machine capacity both vertically as well as horizontally


NetDataVault’s Insight management portal allows you to govern and manage your stack from anywhere, and at any time.

Why NetDataVault Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India?

24x7 monitoring and support

Our 24x7x365 assistance keeps your applications and system always-on

Flexible payment options

Wide options of payment choices, including cheque and bank transfers

Highly scalable

Vertical and horizontal scaling available across all plans

99.99% VM availability

Access your applications and systems anytime, anywhere

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