Managed Security Services

Security doesn’t need to be complex and expensive. By subscribing to NDV’s managed security service you gain access to a fully managed and controlled security operations center. Our staff is certified in a variety of security services. We offer security audits, spam filtering, virus scanning, attack mitigation, and more. Listed below are a variety of third-party services to help you achieve compliance:

Anti-Virus Security

McAfee Anti-Virus is an installed and managed server side anti-virus software suite, which includes regular fingerprint updates.

SSL Certificates

Choose from a variety of options for SSL certificates Geo trust, Verisign, Thawte, etc

Website Performance and Security

NDV’s simple web-portal based service, powered by SwiftSentry, enables website owners to start accelerating and optimising the performance of their website, and offers protection against cyber attacks without the need of any technical skills. SwiftSentry offers a quality and reliable service that integrates CDN website acceleration, Website Application Firewall (WAF), Dynamic Site Optimisation (DSO), short web TLL, live traffic and analytics reporting, bundled with responsive email support.

Website Performance Elements

  • Delivery and page load speed from all locations
  • Site availability
  • Speed of content refresh
  • Optimized viewing and navigation on different mobile/desktop devices
  • Protect website from attacks
  • Eliminate website/service outage and latency

Web application Firewall (WAF)

With increasing cyber threats reported daily, no website is spared from being attacked by hackers. Besides providing basic protection for DDoS attacks, WAF is a value-added service to provide protection and safer website performance as content is delivered across the global CDN infrastructure. It sniffs for known attacks by inspecting the traffic heading for the customer origin with a set of rules of up-to-date known threats.

All website content from its origin and requested for delivery must pass through WAF and is transparent to the internet. It applies three checks before passing a response to an HTTP request: signature, Request Security and Response Security Check. This ensures content filtering, signature analysis, adaptive XXS & CSRF Protection, and OWASP Top 10 compliance. It also protects attack to other nodes in the CDN network and posses no impact when there is a threat on one of the nodes.

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