Hybrid Hosting

NDV leads the way with hybrid infrastructure support that is massively scalable and flexible – Architecting the right mix of public and/or private cloud, colocation and managed hosting that is best fit for your requirement.

Most companies today have multi-tiered applications that need to have a hybrid combination of infrastructure which may include cloud, dedicated hosting, managed hosting and colocation to run efficiently. Hybridization ensures maximum performance for the company’s application workloads without compromising flexibility, by offering seamless integration combining top end features from multiple platforms into one optimal environment allowing for flexibility and functionality that you can’t find in any of the individual component technologies.

A perfect example could be hybridization of Colocation and public/private cloud that are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Colocation is an all out CAPEX model with a high degree of control but very little agility. The Cloud on the other hand is completely an OPEX model with greater agility but a lower degree of control. The ability to combine the two hosting environments allow you to create a layered approach splitting applications and data bases depending on what requirements you have to meet.

Advantages of Hybrid Hosting

  • Allows you to share a common network infrastructure viz. Firewalls and load balancers across multiple hosting environments
  • Move workloads across hosting environments seamlessly without any modifications
  • Direct application traffic across a single VLAN to reduce bandwidth costs within different environments
  • Unified invoicing across hosting environments
  • Mix and match capital, BYOD (bring your own device) and operating expense spend to maximize ROI

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