In today’s world where IT-Infrastructure is the backbone of all businesses, data centres have become increasingly critical to firms operations. The minimization of risk starts with the initial design of the data centre, its subsequent implementation and future changes. Organizations are persistently looking for robust and secure infrastructure which is scalable enough to meet the growing demands of the business. Given the increasing complexity and criticality of IT services and diminishing budgets, Data Center Co-Location, IaaS and Managed IT services are the best solution for meeting the above challenges. Read on to know more about why NetDataVault is the ideal solution for all your Edge/Industry 4.0, Back Up & Disaster Recovery needs.

Top reasons for choosing NetDataVault as your Edge Data Center

Proximity to End-Users: Being situated in Bhiwadi industrial area brings the data center closer to end-users and devices generating data. This reduces latency and ensures faster response times, crucial for real-time applications and services.

Reliable Power and Connectivity: Bhiwadi has robust power infrastructure and reliable connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted operations for edge computing deployments. This stability is vital for maintaining the availability and performance of edge services.

Enhanced Security: RIICO industrial area has additional security measures in place, such as restricted access, surveillance systems, and security personnel. This provides an extra layer of protection for the data center and the sensitive data it houses.

Resilience and Disaster Recovery: Designed in conformance with the ANSI/TIA-942 Rated-3 requirements, the infrastructure has been built with resilience in mind. This includes features such as redundant power supplies, backup generators, and disaster recovery mechanisms. These attributes enhance the data center’s ability to withstand unexpected events and maintain business continuity.

By leveraging our data center located in RIICO industrial area, you can leverage the advantages of edge computing, including reduced latency, improved performance, and enhanced reliability. Trust in our facility to support your edge requirements and enable seamless delivery of services to your end-users.

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