In today’s world where the IT-Infrastructure is the backbone of many businesses, data centres become more and more mission critical. The minimization of risk starts with the initial design of the data centre, its subsequent implementation and future changes. Organizations are persistently looking for robust and secure infrastructure which is scalable enough to meet the growing demands of the business. Given the increasing complexity and criticality of IT services and diminishing budgets, Data Center Co-Location, IaaS and Managed IT services seem to be the solution for meeting the above challenges.ibus leo.

NetDataVault, Delhi (NCR) Facility– Snap Shot

The new eco-friendly Data Center boasts of state-of- the-art infrastructure spread over a built-up space of 25,000 Sq. Ft. and can host up-to 250 racks, backed by up to 2.5 MVA Power Supply. The facility will further be able to accommodate seating space for over 100 technical workforces. The Facility is ready with phased investments in power distribution, HVAC, Fire detection and suppression, physical and data security systems, ICT and Software for data center operations on demand. The NetDataVault Data Center located at Bhiwadi is truly carrier neutral and will serve the hosting, collocation, storage and connectivity needs of large enterprises and small and medium businesses in the region, while also serving as a disaster recovery facility for enterprises that are present in other key business centers across India or nearby countries.

Salient Features of the NetDataVault Data Center

  • First data Center in North India to be certified to the ANSI/TIA-942 Tier-3 Standard
  • Utility power from 33KV Substation feeding 2.5 MVA power with 100% backup
  • Carrier Neutral Facility with multiple ISPs
  • Contiguous and isolated rack space of 2,500 Sq. Ft. per Module
  • High Energy Efficiency Design – PUE 1.9
  • 8,000 Sq. Ft of customer office space
  • Man-out building automation system
  • Strong customer service commitment

Design and Building

The NDV DC is a 25,000 Sq. Ft. Structure built on a 1200 Sq. Mtr. Land in Bhiwadi, situated about 20 Km from Gurgaon. This state-of-the-art data centre is ANSI/TIA-942, Tier-3, ISO 27001 and 20000-1 certified and is designed as per Seismic Zone 4 specifications with raised floors, precision air-conditioning with accurate temperature and Humidity control systems. The facility also offers the widest range of physical security features, including state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems like VESDA, NOVEC, Motion sensors and 24/7 secured access with biometric and proximity card readers, as well as video camera surveillance and security breach alarms. The building is a 3 level structure which houses the data center, utilities and computer room areas. The ground floor houses the substations in the designated space on the front of the building. A dual feed of 2.5 MVA powers the electrical requirement of the data center facility on redundant paths. The ground floor also houses the fuel storage tank and 2.5 MW DG sets that can power the entire facility in case utility power service is disrupted. The electrical panels are also located at this level. The first floor houses another computer room area, NDV office space, Staging Area, BMS room, Network Operating Center (NOC), Conference Room and Meet-Me-Rooms (MMR) for telcos. The second floor leads to a customer seating space capable of accommodating over 100 persons. The condenser units are located at the roof of the building and provide the necessary cooling to all the floors. Power, Cooling and network facilities are all provided on redundant paths to each of the floors. Each floor has one computer room totalling to a raised floor area of over 5500 sq.ft. that can host close to 250 racks! N+N UPS systems with STS are provisioned for each computer room depending upon the load density requirement for each room. Additionally each computer room has Precision Air Conditioners (PAC). The average power rating per rack is 4 KW and the computer rooms are maintained at 22°C ± 5% and relative humidity of 50 ± 5%

Building and Premises

  • Permeable pavements and rain water harvesting
  • Use of low-emission building materials (no use of asbestos)
  • Waste recycling
  • NOVEC 1230 based Fire suppression (has an atmospheric life time of only 5 days)
  • Energy efficiency of a Data Center is measured in terms of PUE (Power Utilization Effectiveness), defined by the Green Grid. At NDV we propose to have an average PUE of 1.9

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