Billing Guidelines

  1. All signup accounts go through stringent fraud & identity detection process. The in house verification department cross-check all information during signup. This is done to establish that account holder is well aware of services purchased and opted, as also the fact that signup has been initiated with their knowledge and payments remitted with account holder’s consent. All accounts are setup after confirming authenticity in line with defined process.
  2. All charges laid out are in INR. Payments are to be effected in INR.
  3. Netdatavault (NGBPS LIMITED) will accept hourly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual & annual advance payments. Multi-year contracts to facilitate diverse customer requirements are also offered. Online payments can be effected following the link This also lists our bank account details for customers who wish to pay using a debit card and/or other direct banking modes. Please note that hourly & monthly advance payments will be applicable only for certain product/service categories as indicated on the website.
  4. Accounts paid for via NEFT / RTGS / Wire Transfer / Cheque / Demand Draft / Pay Order, would be activated only on proof of the payment being effected. A copy of the receipt of the payment need be sent to our billing department on & For requests to change billing cycles, contact email address & cancellation / termination of services customer need to send an email on & Verbal/Telephonic requests for the same would not be entertained.
  5. Accounts need to be renewed as per their respective billing cycles. Account renewal & Invoice reminders will be sent 14 (Fourteen) days before the actual renewal / due date. This is done to ensure that our clients get enough time to make payment(s). A second reminder will be sent 7 (Seven) days before due date, third & final reminder would be sent on day of renewal / due date. These reminders will only be sent to the authorized primary email address of the account.